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From the Pond
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Below are the 6 most recent journal entries recorded in Quackers I's LiveJournal:

Monday, August 23rd, 2004
7:40 pm
Domain Names and Webhosting -- My journey
I just submitted my website questionnaire to SpiderMarketing. They say it may take two weeks to get it up and running. That means I might miss my deadline of Sep 7, a self-imposed goal so that I hit the ground running as soon as everyone is back to normal after Labor Day.

Here's what I did. First, I went to www.godaddy.com to purchase a domain name. This name is for the SpiderMarketing site, so it can be a fairly general name. I decided on www.healthfrontiers.net. I already have healthyfrontiers.com, but to me healthfrontiers makes more sense, and I like the .net feel.

Then I went to the link that Carl sent me when I signed up for the website. When I clicked on it, I found a number of questions I had to answer. One of them concerned my email address. I went with his advice to use the shaklee.net option that we get with our PWS. For me, that meant using swc@shaklee.net. It will be forwarded by Shaklee to whatever email address you have listed with your member info at Shaklee, so if you change email addresses, you don't have to let everyone know -- stick with your myname@shaklee.net for public consumption, but change your address with Shaklee whenever you need to -- and you'll always get your email.

Some of the questions have to do with the place where you bought your domain name. Remember that you just buy a domain name. (I paid $17.95 for two years.) You already paid Carl to host it when you ordered your SpiderMarketing site.

Another question is what you want your site to be known as. For me, it's Southwest Wellness Center. See how the swc@shaklee.net makes sense now? For some of you, it may not be a different name from your domain name, while others may not get a domain name they want for a company name. Your SpiderMarketing website will display your company name, not your domain name, so this is where to think carefully about who you want to be.

I picked Southwest Wellness Center nearly 8 years ago because it reflected a general interest in health with a Shaklee twist. My business cards use this name, too. It's ok for it to be general because this SpiderMarketing site is just a link between your very specific targets for business (your X) and your e-commerce site (your Z). Your X will be something like Lower Back Pain Relief Project, while your Y can be Southwest Wellness Center, and your Z can also reflect that name. Y and Z are utility sites, while the real creativity that will bring customers will go into X.

OK, so when do we do X? That's another whole topic, but X sites can be free. Stay tuned....

If you have any challenges getting your SpiderMarketing site ordered, let me know asap. With a two week lead time, NOW would be a fine time to get all these details settled.
Friday, August 20th, 2004
3:18 pm
The language of marketing -- NO MORE SELLER TALK!
Who likes to be sold? NO ONE! Who likes to buy? EVERYONE!

So what do we say so our favorite people will happily buy -- without our selling them?

Kim Klaver has taught courses for years to help people overcome their natural tendency to try to sell someone else. It's no wonder we tend to sound like TV ads, since they're all around us. But TV is for the masses: blast the same hypey message to millions of people, and thousands will buy.

For us, we want to make every customer count. So we can't use seller talk -- they will run as fast as they can in another direction, or become evasive just when we think they're going to nibble.

It's not hard to avoid seller talk, but it takes some awareness. Kim has created an ebook that is all about consumer talk -- the opposite of seller talk -- and the rules to follow to make sure you are treated as a trusted advisor, not a used-car salesman.

To order the ebook, go to http://www.whowho911.com/?ebook. I think it costs $17.95. It is something you download and read on your computer, or print out.

See, we have a choice of sitting on the couch with a friend, thumbing through a catalog together. Or we can sit on opposite sides of the table, me selling you. Which way would you rather buy something? We always want to be FELLOW CONSUMERS, people who have a passion for some products and just want to share them. That is, in fact, the reality of who we are. But by mistake we take on seller talk, and then a natural resistance begins to build, whether we're talking to family, friend, neighbor, or someone we don't know.

Once everyone has read the ebook, I will help you with your scripts until the seller talk is gone, and you sound just like a consumer. Clue: it's all about your personal story, what happened before you tried the product, and after. No promises, no technobabble, no vague generalities. You'll see....
Tuesday, August 17th, 2004
8:42 am
Carl's purchasable website -- where it fits in
X --> Y --> Z

X represents all the places where people find out about us and want to find out more.
Y is the Carl LaFlamme purchasable website.
Z is the Shaklee PWS.

The Shaklee PWS is not searchable. That is, no one can go to Google and look up something you offer and find your PWS. The PWS is simply an e-commerce site -- the place where Shaklee products are bought and sold and you are given credit for it.

It takes the Y to do that -- Carl's site. Carl's site can be searched through search engines. It is a also designed to send potential customers through to your PWS. In itself, it is not an e-commerce site.

X will send people to Y, which will send people to Z, where they will buy things. It is not possible to go from X directly to Z.

So Y is an essential part of this whole franchise called MallardMarketing.

I strongly recommend getting on the list asap by ordering your Y from Carl. This is so you can have your Y up and running soon.

One decision you will have to make is the name of the site. To do this you need to figure out your focus.

For example, yesterday I met with two MM participants (you know, fellow duckies). One decided to focus on women over 40 who wanted to be successful long-distance cyclists. And the other decided to focus on women 25-35 who wanted to tone and firm their bodies through weight lifting. I encourage them to share more with us about their choices, but for now, the important point is that the focus can be very very tight like these -- in fact, it should be. When we got their focus tight enough, they were only 1 of 3 to 5 people on the search page in Google for that topic. And that means a lot of business!

So pick a name, order a site, and we'll be ready for X: X will be the biggest challenge, and when you've got your Y up and running, you'll be ready for it.

I will be happy to help anyone with their focus, narrowing it sufficiently for maximum exposure in the search engines.
Monday, August 16th, 2004
11:25 pm
800 Number
I am considering getting an 800 # from www.smart800now.com. There are three price plans. Economy at $3.45 per month with 50 minutes free monthly, 6.9 cents per minute. Standard at $5.90 per month with 100 minutes free monthly, 5.9 cents per minute. Best value at $9.80 per month with 200 minutes free monthly, 4.9 cent per minute.
Friday, August 13th, 2004
2:42 pm
early tasks for internet business success
Here are a list of early tasks that will move the project ahead now:
1. Pick a product focus, something you are passionate about.
2. Build product packages around that focus.
3. Build a PWS and include both the biggest package and the longest possible list of towns, plus the three possible area codes. If you want more towns, order a second PWS, possibly with a different angle on your product focus.
4. Download and read the ebook. Make notes. Read it again. Print it out and bind it.
5. Show the ebook to prospects. They don't need the details, just to know that a franchise for a Shaklee internet business exists.
6. Make a list of all the contacts you have in your universe, including email addresses. Make it a practice to collect business cards and email addresses wherever you go. For now keep them on file cards unless you already have ShakleeOffice.
7. Begin to do internet research about your product focus. Note the current issues and narrow your focus even further.
8. If you have ordered the email newsletter from Carl L, send it out to your list now.

OK, there will be more very soon. Let us know your progress in this topic. One way would be to say: Hi, This is Fanny DoRight, and I am finished with all but numbers 7 and 8. I am awesome!

Or something like that...
Thursday, August 12th, 2004
1:21 pm
Ready Set Go!
The whole point of Mallardmarketer is so we can report on our progress and help each other out -- like a good community anywhere.

So please check here every day, and comment on everything that applies to you.

Do you have your ebook downloaded? Say so in that section.

Do you have your PWS up and running? Guess where to report that!

This journal is an alternative to conference calls. It's so much more flexible, so much more apt to fit your schedule. I think it will work best if everyone checks in and reports as often as possible. Within reason.

I will remove outdated messages. For example, you will notice that the reviews of contact managers are gone. That's because we think we've found something better. So junk is outta here!

So let us hear from you. Soon we'll have great stories of internet-marketing AND recruiting success.
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